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Hoodaya Filistin

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Hoodaya Filistin

A beautiful piece made for beautiful people. 50% of the profits from this piece will be donated to MATW (Muslims around the world charity) they are on the ground in Gaza and the bordering countries Doing their best to get aid to the people in need. This product has a 50% profit donation policy. 

The Hoodaya is a unique fusion of traditional modesty and modern style. This innovative garment combines the classic abaya silhouette with a comfortable hood, offering a contemporary twist to your modest wardrobe. Tailored from premium fabric, it ensures both comfort and sophistication. Elevate your modest closet with this effortlessly versatile abaya. It is the most important piece we have created to date considering we live in a world where hijab is being banned and Muslim woman are being targeted. With this abaya you are hidden in plain sight. It is a Bisht cut butterfly style jacket with poppers to close - covering all of a woman’s body shape. It has deep pockets and a structured velvet lined hood.


Each piece is embroidered with the Arabic numerals ٣٣:٥٩ (33:59) referring to the ayah in the Quran where Allah swt commands the believing woman to observe the hijab. On the sleeve are the words ‘Hidden in plain sight’.

Handwash only (can use handwash setting on machine) no tumble drying air dry only. 

NOTE: because the proceeds of this item are being donated, returns will not be accepted.

Reference - model is 5’4 wearing a medium or in the new drop a 54 


Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

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Hoodaya Filistin
Hoodaya Filistin Sale price£59.99