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Light Grey Haya Jilbab

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The Haya Jilbaab 

This is a beautiful sheen one-piece Jilbaab. It’s lightweight material allows for the perfect drop but full coverage and elegant style! This is a timeless piece needed in everyone’s wardrobe.

*Please measure from chin to toe for sizing*

It features elastic sleeves and a tie back headband to fit all head sizes and shapes. 

material: Nida

  •  Please refer to size chart for sizing.


Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

The sizing charts listed below are a basic and simple guide to get the perfect fit for you. Depending on the product, the measurements may change. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media platforms or email. 

Please measure yourself from Chin to toe.

We use a range of sizing charts to be garment specific and you will find them on the product photos.

 Jilbabs/Princesa & Ruffle Sleeve Abaya :


All other abaya:

Please allow 1-3cm error interval for all items.